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James McGee and Becca




I had planned to go on Thursday to watch (the only day I could have made it) but my old dog's ruptured CCL put paid to that. Pity as it was only 40 mins away from home, but at least I got to watch lots of it on TV and didn't get wet.

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Becca's achievements -



3rd place International Supreme Championship 2009

1st place Qualification Supreme 2009

11th place Irish National 2009

1st place One Man and His Dog 2008 - "One Man and His Dog" Champion 2008

1st place Irish National 2007 - Irish National Champion 2007

4th place International Supreme Championship 2008

4th place World Trial Final 2008

5th place World Trial Semifinal 2008

1st place World Trial Qualification 2008

6th place International Qualification 2008

9th place Irish National 2008

"Champion of champions" winner Royal Welsh and Royal Show 2008

2nd place Irish National 2006

2nd place International Supreme Championship 2005 - Reserve Supreme Champion 2005

1st place Irish National 2005 - Irish National Champion 2005

2nd place Irish Nursery Final 2005


(Info copied from Tony Bramley on Facebook)

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