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An Update on Whisper


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This past April, I though the end was near for my sweet girl, but Whisper is holding her own. She has no vision in her left eye, and limited vision in the right eye. Her hind end is still weak. I got a loan from the Bank of Mom and took her to the vet, and yes, she does have Cushings and likely has had a stroke, but I've decided to not treat either one. She is not in pain. She is learning to adapt to her limited vision. She is too afraid to go outside at night to go potty, but has learned to use the towels I lay down for her. She is still in the process of learning "stop", "ramp" and "up, up" and "down, down" (those last two are being used in new ways-rather than be a command for action on her part, they are now being used as a warning of what is head of her, thus the repitition of the word instead of the single use of the word). I also think she's lost some brain cells, because that intelligent spark is gone from her eyes. Once in awhile I see it, but mostly she is confused. She does not understand what has happened to her. I give her lots of love, constantly orient her to her surroundings and don't ask her to do much. She would still try to do it, but I've decided she is retired.


She could go on for some time like this. I've had people tell me to pur her down, but I get very offended when told this. Yes, some of the behavior is inconvenient, but she is old. I am not going to euthanize her just because she is old.

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Sounds a lot like my ol' Lucy too, only she sees reasonably well for 15.5 yr old, but can't hear much at all. I thought she was a goner several times in the past few years, but like that Energizer Bunny...well, she's isn't exactly energized, but doing pretty darned well. A current bout of diarrhea has me worried, but she's hydrated and getting drugs, so hopefully this will end soon.


There are so many great oldies out there....they deserve everything we can give them!



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