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Canine Distemper outbreak in raccoons

Tommy Coyote

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I just saw this on the Kansas City news.


Every so often there is a distemper outbreak in the raccoon population. Now it's in Liberty which is a small city just north of Kansas City.


Raccoons and dogs get the same distemper and it's very contagious. We have raccoons everywhere here in the city. And that is why I am really careful to keep my dog's distemper shots up to date.


I just read a couple of days ago that the shelter in KC also has had a distemper outbreak.

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It has been pretty bad this entire summer. We are putting down 2 or more raccoons a week right now.


I read once that distemper outbreaks in the raccoon population are usually not wide spread - they happen in kind of localized areas.


We have a lot of raccoons in my neighborhood - they kind of roam all around and use the water drainage system as a highway to get back and forth. I'm really careful about the raccoons.

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