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Sally on sheep

Debbie Meier

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We purchased our first video camera last week, here is the first video. It is of Sally a 4 month old Ricky pup. It will be fun to compare this video to ones that get taken in the future.



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Yeah, she's sweet, she may be leaving us though.


I've been leaning toward letting her go feeling that she was not quite what we want to move forward with, but Wayne was leaning strongly toward keeping her until we received news that Lilly, the first dog Wayne trialed with and later placed in a farm/companion home passed away unexpectedly. Lilly's owners were going to wait to replace her but her companionship is deeply missed, Sally may be going to replace Lilly Lou.


Light duty work, sheep, cows and poultry but more importantly go with everywhere Kelli goes. Wayne spoke to Kelli the other night, Kelli said that Lilly was always with her, at the farm, in the car, went with where ever she went. Kelli is going to come meet Sally later this week, I have a feeling that they are meant for each other, but time will tell.

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