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Going crazy when she lifts the sheep

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So, Kayzie has two speeds when she's working, down and hurricane. For the most part, I think we've got her to check her speed, but as soon as the sheep move, she becomes hurricane KZ again.


She likes it when the sheep aren't moving, she speeds up when they do so she can get them to stop (flanking, right? Sorry, still learning terms).


Right now, I've been holding her back and waiting for her to calm down and go slower before we continue. IS there anything else I should be doing to help her get it? At this moment, it's hit or miss on how she's going to react.


Thanks in advance for the suggestions!

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I checked this site a couple of times while on the road and no one asked anything thankfully. I am apologize for the tardiness of this answer.


I rarely advocate using dog dead sheep to get young ones going. They are only good for a day or two normally and then they have nothing to show the aspiring sheepdog. In your case, get the dog dead sheep. Get sheep that do not run anywhere. You say she likes it when the sheep are stopped. Get her some sheep she will like until such a time as she can get the hang of walking up to them quietly instead of hurricaning. Stopped sheep. Get her to learn left, right and lie down, on the stopped sheep and then take your chances on some that that will be a bit freer.

You will have to get resourceful and find some that will be lazy no good sheep. Take her out daily, not once a month and try top get her gray matter aligned to the job at hand. Progress.



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