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2011 National Sheepdog Finals streaming video

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Hi, Everyone:


The ever-popular streaming web cast of the National Sheepdog Finals is back! We have some good good news (even more production values!) and some not-so-good (we`re charging for access after the first free hour, but we`ve kept the costs as reasonable as we could).


First, the details. Esteban Escobar (our fearless producer) explains how it`s all going to work this year in this video (it`s long, but I think it`s pretty amusing!):




Our short-and-snappy promotional video can be found here:




Post either of these videos wherever you like--we want to get the word out about this year`s video broadcast to as many people as possible. By the end of the week, I`ll post a PDF file in the Sheepdog-L archives that (like last year) people can print out and put in their vet`s offices, feed stores, etc. Let`s let people know about the event that`s coming!


Thanks to Serta, everyone will be able to watch an hour (any hour at any time) of the broadcast for free. If you want to watch more than an hour, you`ll need to purchase a ticket. The instructional video above explains how the ticket prices are going to work, but please contact me if you have any questions. You will not be able to register for the free ticket until Friday the 16th, but the paid tickets are ready for purchase now.


Finally, the tickets can be purchased now at the following link:





Some important stuff:


* The video crew will be on site in Carbondale to film every single Open run. These runs will NOT be streamed live--only the semi-finals and finals will be streamed. However, these runs will be available for viewing soon after the event for anyone who has purchased the "unlimited" ticket.

* This year, handlers will be able to purchase their own runs in MP4 format, suitable for posting to YouTube or Vimeo (or just storing on your own computer as a record).

* DVD sets will be available in various permutations and combinations. DVDs will have commentary on/off option. "Commentary on" will have both whistles and commentary. "Commentary off" will have only whistles (there may be some commentary spill into the whistle mic from the speakers on-site but this should be minimal). This commentary on/off feature was implemented as a result of feedback from people who purchased the Bluegrass DVDs. The order cutoff for the DVDs will be November 15. DVDs will be delivered by December 20.



Here`s a quick summary of how the pricing structure will work:


Webcast tickets

1 hour: free (can only be selected once and will not be available for selection until September 16).

2 hour: $10 (3 hours with the free Serta hour)

10 hour: $29 (11 hours with the free Serta hour)

Unlimited: $59 (2 live webcast days, plus unlimited access to all 6 days on demand and a discount on the DVD)



Handler Runs (MP4 format--handlers can only purchase their own runs)

$20 flat fee per dog, includes all the runs a particular dog has, from individual runs through the double-lift finals




$25 Semi-Finals

$25 Finals

$45 Semi-Finals & Finals

$75 box set (all 6 days)



Please let me know if you have any questions!

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