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Cattledog Finals on RFD-TV


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I managed to catch the Cattledog Finals on RFD-TV last night. It was a nicely put together program, with Dan Gill as one of the narrators. It showcased some of the top open runs. I thought it was nicely marketed for the rancher who might need to think about getting a dog for his operation, as the interviews focused on how the handlers used their dogs on farms and ranches everyday. The commercials from the major sponsors were for products that a rancher could use in his operation. Of course, it was a highlight showcase, so it was way too short for my taste, but otherwise it was nicely done.


I know they will be selling full length DVDs of the finals. On the Finals program, they said to go to nationalcattledogfinals.net to order one, but I cannot find the link to order the DVD. Can anyone point me to the right place?

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Contact Jeff Mundorf: jmundorf@netins.net


He put the broadcast all together, it was a good job.

I e-mailed him and this was his reply:



I am working on the DVD and order forms now, sorry I am behind on this. Getting the TV show done was pretty involved, and I just have gotten overwhelmed. I will have the order forms out this week and the DVD's will ship this month. Thanks for watching, and thanks for contacting me.



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