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Maiden ewes and pre birth udder development


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I have a maiden ewe in my flock and I am still waiting on her and several others to lamb. The older ewes show significant udder development a couple of weeks prior to lambing but I an not sure what to look for in my maiden ewe. She looks pregnant in that she has been increasing in girth and expanding sidewards but I dont see much happening in the udder department. I think I am seeing something happening, although I cant get close enough to have a good enough look and it doesnt appear that obvious.

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New momma's can look like they have no bag till after the give birth. They'll have a little bag but without very close inspection you can't really see it. Some look bigger but I think that comes when they are overweight.


What I look for in a new mom is a bump they get right above the tail. I think it's the lamb getting in position. But it's not always there. Way more noticable in a hair ewe.

Lots of people see a swollen vulva and think lambing is eminent but I've found that can go and come and not always a tell tale sign.


First time lambing (for you) is so exciting!


The best piece of advise I was given was to grab a chair sit outside the fence and keep your hands at your sides. Don't help unless it's absolutely a necessity. To many new comers get in there and help to quickly.


My first couple lambings, I helped way to much. I think if you help, especially new mommas they get lazy and always want help.


Good luck and most importantly, enjoy the event. what's gonna happen is gonna happen, if you freak out it's still gonna happen. Slow deep breaths!

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Thanks, yes it is all quite exciting really going through it for the first time although a bit daunting. I seem to have experienced the full range from dealing with rejected lambs, milking colostrum, a lamb dead at birth, to banding ram lambs, vaccinating and nervously waiting to see who will give birth when and what I will end up with.


Yes good advice to just let things happen as they will.


My 2 week old rejected lamb is now out in the paddock full time playing with the other lambs. She has no attachment to me at all. She comes when I call for her bottle and as soon a she is full she cant get away from me fast enough back to the other ewes and lambs.

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