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Dog Owning as Religion

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I've gotten the "that's not a purebred border collie, what's he mixed with?" bit more than a few times. And, for the life of me, I can't understand why. He looks like a collie to me, not an Australian Shepherd (which are fairly distinct, are they not? At least in the face?).


But mostly, people look at me like I'm too young and Brady's "too much dog."

I've actually stopped going to dog parks for the most part because of how many times I've been lectured on how to raise my dog in "proper" border collie fashion. And oh, why didn't I take my dog to Petsmart for those obedience lessons? They do a much better job than other organizations...


Excuse me, but this little collie's favorite activity in the whole wide world is sprawling out on a two by two couch and sleeping the day away--how's that for crazy, hyperactive, and over the top?


Blech. Biggest pet peeve in the world right there (if you couldn't tell, lol).

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