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New Heartworm Treatment Protocol

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I just started fostering an 8 yo female (who may be a foster failure) who is HW+. The Rescue's vet recommended using a different protocol for treatment due both to the dog's age/condition and the scarcity of Immitricide (standard HW treatment). The vet stated that a newer protocol is to give the dog monthly preventative and start her on 30 days of doxycyline, stop the doxy for 60 days, then alterate giving/stopping the doxy on a monthly basis for three more months. Supposedly the dog will likely then test negative.


Because I'm thinking of adopting the dog, I checked with my vet who isn't sold on the protocol although she doesn't think it would hurt (she just has reservations about it eliminating the worms). The internet has articles which go both ways.


I'm wondering if anyone else has any experience with this protocol and has discussed with their vet.


Thanks for your input.

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In the early 90's when I lived in SC, I treated 2 foster dogs who were HW+ by just keeping them on Ivermectin HW tablets (Heartguard type). The dogs were a Border Collie and a Norweigian Elkhound. My vet at the time felt their infestation was minimal and rather than subject them to the rigors of treatment, that simply preventing any new microfilaria from reaching adulthood would do the trick.


The trick in both cases was feeling like the person I adopted them to would keep it up. The Elkhounds owner did, had him retested and eventually it was negative, and I am still friendly with her to this day even though Teddy died several years ago. The Border Collie's owner dropped ff the face of the earth a year after the adoption, so I have no idea how it all turned out.

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