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Dear Fellow Handlers,


Welcome to our farm.


Please review the directions in the entry form. If you drive your Big Rig down the wrong entry lane and get hung up, don’t expect sympathy.


Those who haven’t been here before: arrive before dark if possible,

Follow the road in front of the barn around and toward the river until you reach a closed gate.

Open gate, pass cabin, take next right into handler parking.


Big rigs or timid folk may park in last year's spectator parking, turn left

at that first gate.


If in doubt, park. Let your dogs out. Go to sleep. Everything will be clear in the morning.


Unless you need immediate medical or veterinary attention, please

don't wake the setout crew and judge who are sleeping in the cabin. Nor should you wake Godzilla slumbering in my house.


The Running Orders are posted in the Sheepdog L files.


Open Handlers meeting: 6:30am.



Donald McCaig

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