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Let me begin by apologizing for not having kept up with this section. Between computer problems and the aftermath of cancer treatments (which I am still undergoing), I simply have been out of touch. I now have a new computer, and for at least a few days (until my next treatment) I feel up to posting. I was devastated to come to this section and see how many loved ones have been lost during my hiatus. Instead of my trying to respond to each one individually, I hope you will accept this thought extended to all of you that I know are hurting. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. I offer this eulogy that Baby's Dad wrote for his beloved Zeke, perhaps the most eloquent tribute I have encountered. Take care, and be well.


Go in peace, my valiant friend.

Suffer no more; sweet sleep has come.

Be welcomed by our friends;

They have blazed a path for you to follow.

Wait patiently, for I will join you again,

Your keen vision restored to lead our way,

Strength renewed, for we shall journey forever.

I learned from your courage

In the waning of your days.

You fought bravely through the pain,

A whimper never passed,

Always by my side as I was by yours.

Your battle is over, our grieving begins,

As I lay you to rest

In the yard were we played.

Your place in my soul

will always remain filled.

So rest now in peace, my gallant companion,

Knowing how much I loved you

And will miss you at my side.

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Nice to hear from you even if it's in your condolences.

I didn't know you were going through your own battles. Not as good at keeping up through little computer time anymore.

Please know that you too are in our prayers for a quick easy time of your treatments and recovery. So trying it can be for you right now.

Get well Bustopher.

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Many hugs and prayers of support! And thank you for sending such a lovely poem for sorrowing hearts! What is the full name of the author? What a gift of a poem!


Bustopher, we are all sending your way good wishes and hopes for a full recovery!


Please keep up updated!

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I wondered where you were. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this demon.


Prayers for strength and healing.

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And thank you for sending such a lovely poem for sorrowing hearts! What is the full name of the author? What a gift of a poem!

Baby's Dad still posts on this board, but under a different nom de plume. I will leave it up to him if he would like to identify himself to you through an IM.


Thank you all for your well-wishes. The prognosis is very good, so I plan to continue to participate for quite some time (or at least for as much time as my advanced age allows). :P

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I want to add my thoughts and best wishes to the many others that are coming your way, Bustopher. You have been a source of comfort for so many here. Hang in there through the bad stuff, and keep looking forward to all the hockey games and bass fishing still to come. :)

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