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First trial brag!

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Yesterday was Jude's first trial along with my first trial too. Actually ive never even seen a real trial before. Lol! We started pre-agility last January, going through 3 sets of classes, practicing lots and were rewarded greatly in Sunday. We were the second run of the day, starting with a standard run.. And we Q'ed!! I was so happy when we ran out of the ring happy we finished and my instructor was like, "congrats, that's a Q!" I was shocked, a q in both our very first AAC run ever!


I went in a ball of nerves, kinda a mess, but that Q took all the pressure off for the rest of the day and i relaxed And had lots of fun. It was super hot out but Our second standard run felt better, and faster though we got 10 faults, 2 bars dropped. Our third run, a cloud passed over and it was steeplechase, man he was on fire. So fast! We got a comment by one of the instructors husband who's been watching agility for 10 years, how fast he ran! :) and drumroll... Another Q. Beyond happy we that round, what a blast! We ended the day with our jumper run, 10 faults--bar and a refusal, which was really more of a I accidentally pulled him past the jump. Oopsie!


I am beyond happy, just had to share. Our second trial is next weekend, away, so it'll be different without the support of my club there, but it's 2 days and I'm excited!!

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Thanks all! The funniest part was getting home, tired dog/tired me, but low and behold an hour later Jude faithfully throws a ball in my face for play. Oh my! No tiring him out!


Regionals, eh? I do have that in my sights, (I aim high, why not, eh?) more for 2013 though. We still have to learn to do gamblers, Never ran a course of it yet. I don't think there's going to be any real problem in it asides from me not being able to make a plan, or hear the whistle.. Aha! The distance is easy, the organization.. Hmm :P


Are regionals run at the masters level? That's one thing I'm confused about.. "6) What level must my dog and I attain in the AAC in order to be able to participate at the Regionals or Nationals?

There is no requirement for dogs to have attained a certain level within the AAC to be allowed to compete at a Regional event.  However, all dogs entered must be at least 18 months old and must possess a valid AAC Dog Registration Number.  To get an AAC Dog Registration Number, go to:  http://www.aac.ca/forms%20-%20


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Are regionals run at the masters level? That's one thing I'm confused about.

Regionals are Masters-level courses run under modified rules. For example, an off-course in Masters results in elimination, but at Regionals/Nationals, it's a mere 20 faults. In Masters Gamblers, refusals are called in the main gamble, in Regionals/Nationals, they are not. The format is 2 each of Standard, Jumpers and Gamblers, usually over a weekend. Lots of Starters dogs enter - Wick first ran Standard at a Regionals!


It's an awesome opportunity to challenge yourself and your dog, as well as to watch some top-notch teams.



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