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Good thoughts for the second FHO surgery

Cindy Evans

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Well, I took Hope back for another post op x-ray because there had to be a reason she wouldn't use her leg after the FHO surgery. The first post-op check up was three weeks after the surgery and it was fine, but this time they say the femur is rubbing on the pelvic bone. I was told that they could hear it grinding. That makes sense as the reason she wouldn't use the leg.


They will do the surgery again on Monday. I hate putting her through this again, but she will never walk with that leg if I don't, and there is a very good chance she will if I do. I don't have a choice here; I want her to walk and be able to work again. So we are back at square one, and I'd like to ask for good thoughts for her.



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Yes Julie, just cost. I don't know how much that will be though. From what my vet said it will be a little less than half. I love my vet and trust her completely. I know she'll treat me right.


She had a second check up at three weeks post-op and everything looked good then, but she is growing bone spurs. She started out trying to walk on the leg, but gave it up after about week four. I guess since it was a traumatic accident, instead of

hip dysplasia, that may have made a difference in how close the femur is to the pelvis, since she had very good hips. I don't really have a clue though.


I just hate putting Hope through this again. The pain has got to be bad because she lies there and grits her teeth and grimaces when I do the stretching exercises.


I also worry I'm turning her into a drug addict. By the time this is finished she'll have been on Tramadol and Mobic, or whatever else they give me, for six months or more.

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Sending good thoughts your way for a successful outcome. We did double FHO surgery (3 months apart) on a dog a couple years ago. Within a few days, he was putting weight on the foot and consistently walking on it a couple of weeks later. So, hopefully, this next surgery will do the trick for your Hope and she'll be back to walking on the foot again soon.

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I got a call from my vet about 3:00 pm, and all is well. I get to pick her up tomorrow afternoon. We are going to keep her pain well under control for the first few days this time.

They took off some more bone, and pulled a layer of muscle over the top of the femur so that there shouldn't be any more rubbing.



Mary, that's great to hear. I was worried that after not using it for eight weeks she would have just given up on using it.


My vet did offer to take Hope home after she gets her stitches out and take her swimming daily. I may take her up on that!

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