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Look who's jumping!

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And how do you run fast dogs with no rear crosses? :blink::blink: lol

Not well!


Wick can sorta read a rear cross, especially if there's a tunnel involved. Rex still has trouble going into a curved tunnel if he's on the wrong lead ("OMG, don't you know I could BREAK A LEG if I'm on the wrong lead?!? WOOFWOOFWOOFWOOFWOOF"). I consider it a special source of pride that I could run Wick in Tunnelers at 9+ YPS with no rear crosses and very little distance. We called them "suicide fronts" and the peanut gallery would place bets on whether I could get there. And I always did. <smug>


Here's a compilation of a few more runs, including Lou's second Jumpers. He actually Q'ed both, though we were just running for fun. I think I might bring him out a bit more and he's the most pleasant of my three to run. biggrin.gif



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Totally delightful videos, great music and such hard-working dogs :) Loved to see big Lou float above the jumps! He looked pretty relaxed, happy to make you happy! Rex was obviously enjoying it a bit more than Lou. You guys are looking great together!

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Thanks, I thought the Sookie thing was funny. I need a way to join vampires and agility - it just seems like it should work. biggrin.gif


And speaking of horror, here's what happens when one is having such a good time that one does not pay attention to one's take-off point. Don't worry, the side straps on the tire give way as soon as the dog hits the tire, and this looks much worse than it was. Rex bounced right back up and barked happily - he thought the run went rather well.


These photos courtesy of Wild Hare Photography.







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