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In the interest of full disclosure, I have not had a puppy in 15 years. So I don't remember how far along Reno and Spur were at this age in terms of basic obedience.


Maggie is 5 months old tomorrow and I've had her for two weeks. She knew her name, "here" and "down" on whistle commands and to stay with you. She had never been in a house and was socialized in terms of other animals but not too much with people other than her owner. I can't whistle so we're starting a bit from scratch. So far she:

--is completely housebroken and crate trained

--has learned to play with toys

--pretty consistent (not perfect) on coming when called, walking on the leash and sitting

--just starting to learn down

--rides well in the car and behaves well at the vet, PetSmart, Home Depot and anywhere else I can take her

--has pretty good house manners although we are still working on not jumping on people, counter surfing and staying off the furniture :rolleyes:


So as I list those out, I think I'm pretty happy with where we are but I was just curious as to if that seems about right or if there are other things that we should have covered by now.

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I think you're at a good spot. At this age, it's more about learning how to learn and how to fit into your household/pack, and of course socialization/coping skills. Pictures of cute puppy?


Here's my girl...


And I meant to say she's a confident pup, not scared of much...if she gets frightened by something she will come back to check it out again.

post-12533-020134600 1313187170_thumb.jpg

post-12533-009333700 1313187208_thumb.jpg

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