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Fletcher the Thunderphobe visit vet today


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And so I took Fletchie in and had a check up done on him and here is what we'll be trying for now. He'll be wearing a DAP collar. I have a prescription for alprazolam to use during T-storms, although my vet said according to studies, it's best to try it on him before a t-storm rolls around. I need to be home with him and monitor his response to the medication -- which should be nothing or mild sedation. If that's what I observe, then when a thunderstorm rolls through, I'll give him another dose. On an "as needed" basis.


Also what she suggested that I could give him on a daily basis, if he is really that anxious, is L-

theanine, which is available at most health food stores. It's for humans, but it's OK for dogs too.


As far as anxiety goes, Fletcher exhibited none at the vet's office (most of my dogs loooove visiting the vet). I watched Fletch, so different from the fearful dog I first met a couple of years ago. He held his tail low, but wagged it non stop at the vet, trying to engage in some interaction with her. Fletch, would sit, offer high 5's. He was a model patient and he did me proud today. He didn't present a picture of the anxious and reactive dog I claimed him to be. Thank goodness it's not a 24/7 thing with him, but has caused me enough concern to have posted here in the first place.


So let's see how this goes.


Thanks for all of your suggestions and well-wishes -- not just from me, but from Fletcher too.

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OK, I'm not quite ready to believe what I think I'm seeing, but so far, only with the DAP collar, it appears that the edge has been taken off Fletcher's anxiety. It's only been a couple of days, but he's not barking now in situations where he would have been barking before..... Only a couple of days so I'm not ready to go over the moon with joy that something this simple could be working????


We'll be having thunderstorms roll through here for the next couple of days. I haven't had a chance to get the meds yet, so these next few days could be tough, so wish us luck.


Overall, I'm hoping we may be onto something here?

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