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Lex is Still Lost

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I am still looking for my 7 year old male, unaltered, Border Collie, Lex, last seen chasing a deer from our farm in deep woods near Coila, MS

in Carroll County which is between the cities of Greenwood and Winona, MS. Nearest 4 lane Hwy 82 and Interstate 55 is 20 miles away.

Lost June 7, 2011.


He is black and white with blaze between the nose and one ear tipped and one pricked, 37 lbs, freckles on legs and stomach and a few on his nose. USBCHA open trail dog ability on sheep, whistle trained and very friendly, not dog aggressive. He will come to his name and will search for stock. None of the farmers around here have seen him to date. He may be traveling to his old farm 120 miles from here in Macon, MS.

He is microchipped and when he left here he had a collar on with my number and reward on it.


I have advertised in all local papers, animal shelters, animal control officers, vets in North Mississippi and Jackson and

Memphis, TN. Picture ad in the trade winds, talked to animal communicator who says he is alive. Inserted flyers in newspapers and have 40 posters hung around the county/cities on the way to Macon offering a reward. He is posted on several lost dog sites including Find Fido and Dog Amber Alert.


I have posted a picture here.

Any and all help or suggestions would be appreciated. Please cross post anywhere! Thanks, Diane Barrentinepost-7860-057920000 1311733871_thumb.jpg

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I have to hope that what Julie said is true. Lex got far enough away that folks who found him don't know that someone is looking. And they've fallen in love with him. It has certainly happened before. I seem to remember a situation that ended up with sort of joint custody because, although the folks who found the dog loved it totally, and the ones who lost it did too, they agreed to both love it.


Not everyone uses Facebook. DH sure doesn't - and lots of us OAPs (over 60) don't. Is there a way that your vet can put out a sort of APB to vets everywhere. If folks found Lex and adopted him on the spot, they will be taking care of him.

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Thanks for all of this and again to Karen who has been posting and crossposting.

I have put him on my FB page about 10 times since June 7th.

He is very friendly, but he is also a big chicken, but not afraid of thunder like some of my other bc's! But he is very submissive and

comes up to folks and immediately rolls on his belly to be scratched. I broke him of this by only petting him when he was sitting, not upside down on the ground! He was raised and lived happily on a sheep farm 120 miles from here for the first 6 years of his life. His old owner

taught him everything about herding sheep, and won all kinds of USBCHA trials with him in Mississippi/Alabama. The old owner was ready to move on to his younger

dogs and was convinced that Lex would be a good fit with me and my young dogs and could teach me a lot, which he did.

I bought him last July.

We have run ASCA,

HTDA, AKC and USBCHA trails and done very well at all kinds of courses and I had gotten as far as possible in 11 months on sheep, ducks and cattle with him as my & our ability together allowed. Lex made me a 200% better handler, and I have two young females that I have owned since birth that

I am still working, and the lessons I have learned with him have made me much better at handling both Sadie and Hannah.

I have contacted every vet, hung posters all the way to his old farm. Been to every center of every little town on the way and talked

to plenty of folks, hung flyers, truck stops, UPS, FedX, all postal workers along the roads have been flagged down by me and educated,

along with of course every mail person in our county, that was the first place I went after our initial search was to my mail carrier and

the post master in our little town.

IF he does show up somewhere I am hoping that someone will do the right thing and take the reward money I I will pay to get him back!

Aren't there plenty of great border collies out there! I will find them one! Or give them one from my next litter!!!

Again thanks for everyone's comments and help! Pray the right person finds him! That is my prayer just about every minute! Diane Barrentinepost-7860-085606400 1311813131_thumb.jpg

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Yes, Lex is still lost. I am getting 5 or 6 calls a week, as I have him posted just about everywhere. I have driven hundreds of miles looking for him. Lots of nice folks looking, lots of BC's look like his picture unfortunately. Sightings happen pretty regularly still, which is encouraging.

Thanks for the suggestion about the lost and found site. The In Defense of Animals local, Duck Hill, MS director Doll Stanley and a friend encouraged me to start a FaceBook Page for lost and found animals in our tri-county area. I did that Lost and Found Animals of Carroll, Montgomery and Grenada County, MS. There is a pretty good group of folks around here to have had their dogs stolen, or come up missing without a trace. But I am praying and looking, and I do thank everyone for their continued prayers that the right person finds Lex and I get him back! God Bless,

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