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Lacee lost the fight.

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So very sorry for your loss - sending healing thoughts for you and yours.

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Please add my heartfelt condolences to the growing list. This is one of those times when it feels like nothing one can say is enough, but know that you have a community here who knows how hard it is to lose a beloved friend.

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Damn cancer. So many of us have lost our beloved companions to it. You did your very best for Lacee and my heart goes out to you and your family. She'll be waiting for you at the Bridge.


Hugs and prayers for you...

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I am so very sorry. I've been away from the internet for a few days, and the first thing I wanted to do once I got reconnected with the outside world was to check to see how Tess and how Lacee were doing.



Lacee was clearly a very special lady. I know she will be sorely missed, but also that she'll live in your hearts forever.

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Oh, Diane! I've been offline and just saw your sad news. I am so, so very sorry. Lacee was a special and beautiful girl. My heart aches and my eyes sting with tears for your loss. Blessed may sweet Lacee be, running pain free in green fields until one day you come to join her.


I am so sorry.


~ Gloria

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Thanks everyone. I'm having a REAL hard time dealing with this. I miss her so much! She was a talker...I miss hearing her and my husband having their little conversations each morning before work and when he gets home. I miss taking her for rides, her favorite thing to do. I miss watching her and Danny play together. I miss her opening the pantry, asking for her treat. She was my best friend. There's a hole in my heart that will never be filled.


I researched the small intestinal tumor she had. Poor thing didn't stand a chance.


•intestinal tumors are uncommon and account for 3% of canine tumors


•large intestinal tumors are more common than tumors of the small intestine


•80% of dogs > 7 years


•88% malignant and 12% benign (i.e., leiomyoma and polyp)


•sex predilection: 60%-70% male for non-lymphoid intestinal neoplasia


•breed predisposition: GSD and Collie


Mast Cell Tumor: 100% tumor-related mortality within 2 months of diagnosis

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I'm so sorry. I can identify with your sense of loss and grief. Going on six months since we let Scooter go and I'm still a mess. Everything reminds me of him. So many daily rituals gone; the goofy things he'd do to make me laugh. I miss looking into his beautiful eyes and stroking his muzzle with my thumb. I miss him greeting me at the door when I come home. I miss cuddling with him at bed time. Scooter was a talker too. I look at his pictures and still can't quite believe any of it happened. I'm heart broken and I know I'll never be the same. The physical wounds have healed, but the emotional wounds are still raw.


Like you, I also researched his condition afterward and realized he had most of the symptoms of a brain tumor, but they were subtle and there wasn't much we could have done for him even if we'd known. His vet didn't even put all the pieces together for such a diagnosis.


I just wish I could be there to put my arms around you and wipe your tears away.


I'll pray for your heart to heal and that you eventually can find some peace. It's just so hard. :(

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I am so very sorry for your loss. We lost our Opie in 2005 to cancer...a football-sized tumor attached to his liver. He was such a fluffball that we never noticed any changes to his abdomen, and he never complained about any pain until it was too late for us to save him.


I understand what you mean by the hole in your heart. It hurts like hell right now but that's the special part of you that will always belong to Lacee. I have two of those gaping holes in spite of having two wonderful, fun, sweet, loving dogs at home right now.


I am thankful that Lacee had such a good life with you. Just think of her romping with all of the other BCs up on the Rainbow Bridge right now. I'll bet Opie and (our first guy) Floyd are hanging out with her as I type this.


My thoughts and prayers are with you.



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