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Prayers and more needed for Diane's Tess

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Jeff (Getty) picked up Tess this afternoon. She is happy to be home. She got her happy pill(Pain) and was groggy when I got home. But she woke up and demanded nudges so I petted her for a bit. Getty tried to feed her but she was so-so. I fried up bacon and then he fed her. She ate two pieces (We wiped off the grease). Then about an hr later I mixed Chicken Soup canned puppy food, more bacon and Dynamite kibble and she ate about 3 tablespoons. I will fed her again in about 3 hrs.


She is pretty wiped out but anytime there is movement in the living room, she wakes up and checks it out. Sarah, the feral Torties kitty, wanted in so I let her. She rubbed against Tess (they are buds) and then rolled around in front of her.


Rain and Nan are acting normal around her. Nan is next to her and Rainey is nearby.


Tess pants hotly off and on, then dozes, then wakes up to see what is going on. I am letting her rest some more before we take her out to potty. We are having flank steak for dinner and she will get small pieces also.


I think she is out of the woods, barring any complications. She looks relieved that she is home. We are happy she is home. I will tkae pics later and update the blog in a couple of days.



it's great have her back. She is minus about 40% of her coat but she still is beautiful to us.


Thanks to ya'll...your prayers were heard and answered.

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Wonderful news, Diane! Thanks for the latest update, and best wishes for Tess's continued improvement!



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Reading the good news put a huge smile on my face. Diane, I'm so happy for you, Getty and your dear old girl!


She is minus about 40% of her coat but she still is beautiful to us


Working dogs don't really need that fluffy coat anyway - it's the heart underneath that matters and Tess has plenty of that!

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Great news! Tess certainly is a remarkable dog, in so many ways.


I could barely sleep the first night, so you all had plenty of mojo coming your way from this neck of the woods.




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Just a quick note. I will update more later.


It's been 24 hrs since Tess has been home. She pants a lot due to the pan. She is on Tramadol and antibiotics. Her appeitie is not really back so I have been tempting her with people food. Last night, she had bacon and then bacon with canned dog food and kibble. Later she had some flank steak. We are letting her drink water but in small doses so she doesn't throw it up.


Today she had a piece of bacon but turned her nose up at the canned dog food. I gave her some raw ground lamb (from our lamb) and she ate about three tablespoons. Later tonight I will tempt her more.


She still is in tremendous amount of pain but the huge sagging fluid belly rentetion on the bottom of her belly is about halfway gone. One of her back legs is hardly swollen while the other one is swollen more. We massage her legs to help them.


I am telecomuting today and tomorrow. She is on her fav spot on the couch with her head on her pillow. She stole my pillows when they first arrived a few years ago. I had them custom made to match the leather couch and she deemed them perfect to lay her graceful hed on them. So they are her pillows now. She sleeps most of the day with her head on the pillow.


I carry her outside to go potty. She has gone pee several time today but not poop. I think she will poop later and she did poop yesterday. I talk her for SLOW walks to get the legs working. She is unsteady but walks for a few minutes then I carry her inside.


As I type she will wake up and nudge me for pet. I take a 10 minute break and pet her and then she falls asleep. I think her pain level is down slighty from yeterday but she will be in major pain for a few more weeks.


Nan and Rainey have been really gentle with her. They lay next to her, sniff her and very careful


more later as I have to get back to work....thanks for your kind words...I read they outloud to Tess and she wagged her tail.

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Oh, Diane...your devotion to Tess is absolutely incredible. Thanks again for the updates, and my best wishes for Tess's uneventful recovery.




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GREAT NEWS....Tess has an appetite...granted, it's not huge but it is there.


I reduced her Tramadol so she would not be so groggy but kept an close eye on her to see if I needed to increase it....she is doing well so far. She will get another 1/2 dose before bed (7 hrs later)


She is much more alert and giving me her goo-goo eyes. I fed her some canned dog food (Chickend Soup) and she only ate it on command, earlier this afternoon. It was about 3-4 Tablespoons. She really didn't want to eat it but I need for her to get some solids down.


Tonight for dinner I made lamb burgers. This lamb is from our Clun Forest lamb and I added some fresh chopped mint, bread crumbs, garlic, seasoning and egg. Swiss cheese on a toasted bun.


Tess was asleep on the couch when I stolled in with my meal. Her nose began to twitch. Her eyes slowly opened and then fastened upon my burger. Her tail gave a slow gentle wag and her lips parted. She leaned forward into me and gave me a deep, long sigh.


She got 1/6 of my meal and licked the crumbs off my plate.


It is the happiest day of my life.

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