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old bladders


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Our Annie is starting to have issues with lack of bladder control. Annie is a senior and she has a degenerative nerve condition in her spine which is advancing steadily. This week she has started puddling. Her tail and hind legs are always wet so we shaved those down and we have been making an effort to keep her clean.

When she stands, she dribbles dime sized spots of urine almost continuously. We are treating her for a UTI. She is a spayed female so her hormones might be wonky but more likely, this is related to her diminishing function in her back end.


She came with a muzzle and a bite history when we adopted her last year. I hate using it on her but last night she broke the skin with a bite. She has always disliked being handled and especially dislikes having the leash put on so her tolerance for us fussing over her is very low.


After a cold and damp spring, Annie is really enjoying this hot dry weather. She appears to have less pain and still loves to help me do the chores around the farm, as long as I take her early morning and last thing at night. Most of her time is spent on her bed under the kitchen table. Her quality of life is very good right now and I'm home all day to be with her.


Annie smells pretty stinky but we can live with her incontinence as long as she is comfortable and reasonably pain free. We've gone 3 weeks without a seizure as well.


I'm looking for suggestions for products that will help her or advice from others that have dealt with dribbly old dogs.

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Talk to your vet about PPA or DES. If this is incontinence related to her spine condition, these might not help. But if it's just old dog incontinence, you might find one or the other to be a lifesaver. Boy was on it before he died, and Willow has been on it (PPA or phenylpropanolamine) for probably 5 or 6 years now and the only time we have had a leakage problem was when she was also on high-dose prednisone for the mast cell cancer.



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It's not much of a tip but when Sara got old, she dribbled at night in her sleep. I put a "puppy pad" in her favorite sleeping spot which would help draw the moisture away from her skin and kept her from developing "diaper" rash.

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I second the ppa meds. A year or 2 ago. Jazz was leaking urine. She was not aware except when she had wet fur I'd find her licking. I think it went on long enough that she developed a UTI. We treated for that, put her on proin and she's been fine since then. I am very diligent about getting her out early and last thing before bed but she is capable of going 9-10 hour without issue.

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My standard poodle is 11 and also takes Proin with great results. The medication is affordable; I think I pay about $30 for a 90 day supply.

Here's a copy and paste from drsfostersandsmith.com

What is Proin?

Proin is a prescription medication used in the management of urinary incontinence in dogs.

Who is it for?

Proin is for dogs.

What are the benefits?


An effective prescription approach to help manage urinary incontinence in dogs


Ideal solution for dogs who "dribble" on their beds or other places due to incontinence


Helps tighten the urethral sphincter, which helps to control urine leakage



How does Proin work?

Proin contains the active ingredient phenylpropanolamine, which works by tightening the bladder sphincter muscle to help control urine leakage.


Is there a generic equivalent available?

Yes. Phenylpropanolamine hydrochloride tablets.



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