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I thrilled that another one of the Jefferson BOrder Collies will be coming up to Canada. Gentle Ben #30 (who is a senior) and who was fosted by Border COllie Rescue Texas will be making his new home with a very dear friend of mine in Edmonton Alberta, so I will get to see him lots at the agility trials here in Saskatchewan. Suzi will get to visit with him too. It's amazing how the Jefferson dogs recognize each other.


I should clarify that I am referring to the 186 border collies that were seized from a hoarder/puppy mill situation in Texas a few months ago. SOme stayed with BCRT in Texas, and others went to Arizona Border Collie REscue, New England BC Rescue and some other rescues across the States.

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How wonderful for Gentle Ben! I've kept up with his story and am happy to hear that he's going to a forever home. He's in for a surprise with the climate change, I imagine.





As a fellow Texan I can say while Gentle Ben might be surprised by the climate change, it will almost certainly be welcome. I want to move to Canada! We are in the middle of a stretch run of 100+ degree days, with no end in sight (probably stay that way till end of August).



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Here is an update on Gentle Ben from his new Mom Ainsley. She posted this on the Texas BC Support Yahoo Group. It just makes me so dam mad what this poor dog has gone through, but he is in the best home in the world.


Here is Ainsley's post


To Liane (Gentle Ben's Fost Mom) and Sam Ford from BCRT

Just wanted to send an update on Ben. He has settled in well and everyone loves him! Easy transition into my crew too. It always surprises me how quickly I can become attached to a dog!!


We have had 2 vet visits and I thought I would let you know where things sit.


Checked his blood work and his liver levels are all fine which is good news because they were causing a little concern before.


I did full body xrays and this is where the bad news comes in. Looks like his poor gait isn't underuse but rather horrendous hips. Vets have no idea how he isn't showing that he is in constant, chronic pain. Right cup is so shallow that his femur isn't even in it - it is resting against the body above it and this is causing the femur head to fracture and break down. Looks like it is so chronic that he was potentially born this way. His left hip is his "better hip" but would be considered bad on any other dog!! My vet was wondering if hip/femur head surgery would be necessary on the right so I spoke to a surgical specialist who deals with these things this morning after he looked at the Xrays and he feels as awful as the hips are, that any surgery on the right would likely cause more damage than help so he feels it is best left as is due to the chronic nature of the injury. We are going to deal with pain, joint mobility etc aggressively and see if we can make him feel better and then if the left is giving him trouble, at a later date we can do a denervation surgery if we think that is needed. Neither vet can believe what a stoic, waggy tailed boy he is given what the Xrays show - but my guess is that if you have lived with that level of pain and discomfort all your life, then you get used to it. Hopefully we can help him with that.


The Xrays also showed some enlargement of the lymph nodes around his heart so we are going to Xray again in 8 weeks to see if there has been any change in that. Arthritis in feet, elbows and shoulders but knees are good, some spondylosis in the spine. Apparently his bones look "moth eaten" and they think that poor nutrition all his life so they feel that are extremely fragile. So no more stairs, avoiding him slipping etc. Short walks still good for him so he will be happy. I express ordered a fancy harness for him that he can wear 24/7 if needed and has 2 handles so we can help him up and down stairs and stop any slips on walks. Check it out: http://helpemup.com/ - I think he will look quite dashing in the black, grey and red one - will send a photo once we get it. I also learnt how to give injections yesterday so I can give him adequin at home - for his joints. All this information is useful in that we will now try to manage his pain and his activity levels/stairs etc - though it is hard to tell him to slow down when he thinks he is going to get to go outside!!


Poor guy now has to "woo-woo" even longer for his meals as I have more things to add!! He does keep encouraging me to go faster though :)


All in all, he is doing awesome and I am so happy that you entrusted him to me. I was sad for him yesterday after seeing the Xrays as you wonder how he can be coping through it all, but it doesn't seem to faze him at all so I am going to learn from him and not feel sorry for myself about it since he certainly doesn't!


He gets to come to a trial this weekend and meet all these people who have been waiting patiently to see him so he will be stuffed full of cookies!!! Will try to get some photos and send them along soon.

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