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Both my husband and I will be starting work and school full - time in the Fall and my poor baby Rao needs a new home but I don't know where to start. I've put an ad up on my local classifieds, www.ksl.com, but I don't want him to go to any old home. How can I make sure he goes with the right family? I don't want to see him stuck in his kennel all day (which fortunately is way too big for him so he has more room to move while I'm gone as is). Just want to find a good home that will take care of him.

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Where are you located? Have you contacted any Border Collie rescues to see if they can take him, or at least list him as a courtesy on their website? Ideally, you could work something out for your dog, so that you can keep him, but if there's not anything you can do, please seek help from a reputable rescue.


If you do rehome him yourself, I'd do reference checks, vet checks and ask a small rehoming fee. Please, if he is not neutered now, make sure that is done before you place him. There is a Border Collie rescue message board, dogs needing homes are listed by geographical area and you could list Rao there (and here, also). The website is here. It's best to give a short bio, tell us about the dog, and include pictures.

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I agree that a rescue group is the best option if you want to be sure he has a good home.


A previous post has you describing his behavior as aggressive with other dogs: please, please, PLEASE be honest about his issues, so he goes to a home or foster home that's appropriate, and hopefully to one where the people have some experience working with these issues.



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