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Hurrrray! :D So glad Lacee came out of surgery safe and sound and we'll all be praying now for super speedy healing for Lacee! things will be soooo much better with that nasty tumor gone from her body! Poor sweet girlie. Things will go so much better now!!! And yayyy, indeed when she is all better it will be time to celebrate with lots of happy new photos. But yes, it's gonna take time to repair and heal of course....What a sweetheart dog--she deserves all the full recovery, health and happiness- I bet your husband can't wait to get home to see Lacee too!

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What a difference a day makes! I picked her up from the ER Vet and transferred her to the regular vet to be monitored today. She looks great! And I think she's feeling so much better now that that tumor has been removed. She actually fought me about going back into the vet this morning, so I had to carry her. That's when you know they are better, when the stubborn streak starts back up. She'll be coming home tonight for good!

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