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Lost border collie in Indy -- FOUND!!!

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Don't have all of the details, but a photo of an exhausted and tearful owner with her arms around an obviously exhausted and an "I can't believe I'm home" Rhona, says more than I ever could. When I find out the details, I'll let you all know.


Rhona is one of Flick's pups and was the 3rd fastest flyball dog in her division(?)(sorry, don't know flyball terminology) and she's still kicking butt on flyball team.


So thank you for all of your good thoughts and prayers and I'll post the details later when I get them.

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This is owner's response to several people. I'll post a couple of pics when I get home tonight.



Rhona's Return (or the case of the disapearing Border Collie)by Carol Catlin on Wednesday, 13 July 2011 at 11:57

On Saturday night at approx. 11pm, Brad opened our back door to let the dogs out to potty. Just as they ran out, some fireworks started and Rhona bolted and jumped the fence. We spent 2.5 hours looking around the immediate neighborhoods as she’s done this before but always comes back in 15 minutes. Needless to say I was frantic with worry.


My theory is that she ran farther than usual because there were fireworks shooting off in 2 areas.


As you may know, whenever possible, my friends were out in this horrible heat searching for her. I got an initial sighting from Home Again that she was at the Pyramids (college and office buildings) and we continued to search there. I first took Rhona’s brother Satchmo out to search but he decided that he would like to start his swimming career and dove into the lake after the ducks. It got too hot to keep him out so he went home.


Big color posters were put up at the big intersections and smaller posters at stores and stop lights. My friend drove me around all of the neighborhoods and we stopped to talk with construction workers, mail people, dog walkers, kids etc. We yelled her name and I now have incredibly strong mouth muscles from blowing my sheep whistle for 4 days straight!


As the search continued, I cut up an old robe that I had given to Rhona to sleep on. There are now scraps of purple fluff littering Indianapolis (thankfully biodegradable) I got several sightings on Tuesday, which I supposed was because severe hunger had set in and she was venturing out from hiding. I went to my interview on Tuesday morning and was close to tears because someone had called in about a dog by the side of the road. I reluctantly switched off my phone and hoped. When I got out of my interview I got another sighting so I called Brad (who was at work downtown) and he headed out that way. Meanwhile he called his brother Todd who was nearby to go out and look.


Todd started to walk around the lake by the Pyramids and someone told him they had just seen a dog. He turned a corner and Rhona turned the corner, saw him and bolted into the woods. He followed her in and she jumped into the creek. This slowed her down enough so that Todd could get ahead, hunch down and call her. She recognized him and came to him. In the meantime, I was racing home from near the airport. I got home, got changed and got the call that she was found. I grabbed some towels and l waited for my baby to come home. Brad got here first. I couldn’t sigh relief until I actually saw her. Brad ran to Todd’s car and said she seemed happy to be home but when she saw me, she melted in my arms and looked relieved if exhausted.

We drove straight away to our vet’s office and I carried her back to the surgery area to be checked. BY SOME MIRACLE SHE WAS IN GREAT SHAPE! No temperature, no dehydration, no breaks, abrasions, lacerations, not even a bug bite! The only thing that was ailing her were ripped pads. Rhona is definitely a bit thinner and I’m sure her muscles are sore and exhausted but she came back to me in one piece!!!


Rhona has been bathed, babied and I gave her a massage last night. The GPS collar is being order TODAY.

I am so blessed to have so many friends who went out searching, made phone calls and posted the information online. Without everyone’s help, we may not have gotten her home safely. Dog Heaven will have to wait a bit longer.



I have had Rhona from 8 weeks old. She was the first dog I had ever owned and trained. Rhona was a special dog from the start as she and I went through some intense moments as we were working on her fear aggression problem. I was told that she was the “worst dog they’d ever seen” and that she should “be put to sleep” as she’d be no use to anyone. We spent months working on our bond and training in agility, obedience, frisbee, swimming, sheep herding and her favorite, flyball. As she matured and her confidence grew, she became a dog who excelled in everything she turned her paw to (she is a champion flyball dog) Rhona has incredible drive, loyalty and a strong work ethic. Rhona and I spent many weekends travelling together, hiking and doing demos. She would ride up front and we’d sing “who let the dogs out” LOL. When I got pregnant with my baby girl, she gracefully accepted that we would be having less fun and turned her hand to helping me raise a flyball child. Rhona actually trains Immy to throw the ball for her every day and they also play tug. Rhona really is a wonderful companion and the best worker I’ve ever seen. There will never be another like her!


****My words here -- Rhona was also labeled vicious. Carol was called out by a vet in the same agility class who called Rhona vicious and loudly stated she never should have been bred. This is a vet who breeds and shows bench Flat coated retrievers. Rhona was not vicious -- that word is used and abused way too much. I wish I could have been there when she suggested putting this pup down. Rhona was in the wrong kind of training in the wrong hands. It wasn't until a border collie person stepped up to work with the owner and Rhona that they began to make headway. The entire litter was tough with a lot of drive, extremely focused. While I don't think they were the types of dogs for everyone, it's my opinion that the person who loudly expressed her opinion before others to Carol about the type of dog she thought Rhona was, was way out of line, especially as an animal professional. I offered to take Rhona back, but, at the end of the day, I'm glad that Carol stuck with it and learned a lot in the process.

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