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Lost Border Collie, Indianapolis area

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Rhona has still not been found. She had gotten a bath earlier in the day, which is why she was without a collar. Owners went to a concert later that day but came home early because the wife was sick. Idiots in the neighborhood were blowing off firecrackers and when they opened the door, Rhona darted out in a blind panic, past them, collarless. At least she's chipped. Still, I'm dreading the e-mail that her body was found by the side of a road. No sight of her, inspite of everyone imaginable being notified and posters all over the place.


She is also in incredible shape for a 9 yr. old dog. She is still a force to be reckoned with in flyball competition, so the visual of an overfed old dog isn't that of Rhona.


Quoting her owner "Rhona is my co-pilot".


Hoping for her safe return.

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