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Allie1_July11.jpgi saw this pup on carolina border collie rescue's website. aside from being too cute, she reminded me of Lone. maybe a bit bristly? perhaps it's just the way the photo is taken. any takers?
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Funny. Looks like an old fashioned Beardie. Cute. Terrier of poodle cross, maybe? Or do they know? It's really hard to surf back and forth on this phone.

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Oh thank you so much for giving me a big grin in the morning

with this cute puppy and the new vocabulary "Lone-ish" :D :D :D :D


I hope this little Sweetie gets a good home soon.


Lots of Greetings

from Germany


Christine and the lone-ish Lone



By the way: I found a "real" brother of Lone!

This is Sam. He lives in the Netherlands.





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