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I Found Her, I Found Her, I Found Her

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Ya Tommy! I love it when prayers are answered positively!


When Jackson was lost in about 500 acres of woods, I was frantic with worry. Then the next morning, my vet calls and says someone about a mile down from me had him. I drove there and Jackson was gone again! She didn't tie or lock him up! I was so wanting to throttle her! But then, that afternoon, the same lady called me (I had left my number, just in case!)to say Jackson had returned! I told her to sit on him if she had to but to not let go of him! I was crying and trying to hug him, and he was all, so did you bring a ball? :P


Glad it's over for you!

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Whew! Good news!


I also like Gun Dog Supply collars. The leather gets so nice and soft with wear. Since border collies are smaller than gun dogs, they are super cheap because you can buy puppy size! I like the center-ring one:


Gun Dog Supply Leather Collar with Nameplate -- only $6.99!



Thanks for that link!

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I Like bill boatmans supply. I'm on a phone so don't know how to put a link on.

I get the plastic center ring kind with the attached tag included. About the same price as gun dig supply. My dogs swim so leather gets ucky quickly. The plastic ones last till I move and need new name tags!

If you do a Google you'll find bill boatmans easy enough.


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I am SO glad she's home!! I kept checking in. Both of mine have the collar that is engraved with their name and phone # right on the collar. Danny is chipped also. Lacee was adopted, but back then the rescues didn't do the microchipping.


I don't think I've seen a picture of Tommy. Do you have one?

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Thank you all so much.


Turns out she made it down to the Price Chopper - across such busy streets and parking lots - and the people there gave her water and fed her. So I called to thank all of them. Then she ended up at Home Depot and that is where the off duty police officer found her. She was just the neatest person - and a total dog person. She has her retired lab and a new lab that is still in training - must be narcotics. She was just back from a whole month of training with her new dog. She also had a papillon (that doesn't look right) and one other dog. And a deaf, mute cat. So she had crates and all kinds of stuff. And she even gave her a bath.


I still didn't sleep too well. I kept waking up and just touching her.


She was really glad to be home.

she keeps going up to Ellie and licking her mouth. I think Ellie was glad to see her, too. Hard to tell with Ellie.


I don't have any way to put a picture on here. But she is really cute. She has black, prick ears and the black border collie face. The rest of her is white except for her right front leg with is all black with a brown stripe. She just looks like a purebred border collie. I think she is so beautiful.


Thanks again.




I'm not a little old man. I'm a little old woman. Probably not a lot of difference.

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