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Oh, no.


Our worst fear here...Sollers does not care to be far from his dish, but Kip...Kip has scared the bejeezus out of us a couple times. He is tagged, collared, chipped...we keep a stash of "Lost" posters printed up, and keep them with the flashlight and staple gun. I also fax vets, flyer the pet stores, etc. The other dog walkers have always been our saving grace. Kip runs like the wind, but he will come round to greet a dog on leash. Goo dog walking neighbors have been the one to grab Kip's collar.


The "find toto" website seems very good too.


Prayers up....go, home Tommy.

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Thank you all so much. Nothing yet. I'm calling vets this morning just in case she shows up there.


I am just a mess. I can't eat. I can't sleep. I have managed to think of every nightmare scenario that could possible happen.


This was the first border collie I have had that would just run when she got loose. All my others were pretty good. I could take them all up to Smithville Lake in the winter and just let them run. Then I could whistle and they would all just come running back.


I swear Tommy has a wild streak in her. She is the sweetest, cutest little dog that I have ever had when she is in the house. She talks about everything. She is just adorable.


But outside she is like a completely different dog. I worked and worked with her to get her to come when I called. She just has this stubborn streak a mile wide. She is kind of like a Jeckle (oh, however you spell it) Mr. Hyde kind of character. And I often wondered if it was because she is just such a stock dog. As much as I love that dog - and I am absolutely crazy about her - I will never get a border collie that has that much stock dog in her again. It can be really hard to handle - the intensity. That dog can run forever and not get tired. And she is just so reactive to everything - and so fast to react. It took one second - that was all. And she was out and gone, going 90 miles an hour away from home. She had never been loose in her life. Because I was always afraid that she would do exactly what she did - just blow me off and take off.


So, to make this even worse, the jackass across the street from me had a huge fireworks party in his backyard last night - they were shooting off commercial grade fireworks and the noise was just awful. I called the police but they never came. There were sparks just raining down on everyone's roofs. It's a good thing I didn't have a gun because I probably would have tried to shoot him. My nerves were just raw by last nite and that god awful spectacle just sent me right over the edge. And poor Ellie has a bad heart and is overweight. I was scared to death she wouldn't make it through the night with all the explosions going off.


Thanks for all of information. I will get ahold of Lost Dog Registry today. Won't do any good to call the shelters until tomorrow - they weren't open yesterday.


My friends all keep telling me to Keep the Faith. She is, after all, a working stockdog, and they are tough as nails. She is really skinny because she never stops running so I'm hoping went "Oh, my gosh a starving dog. We need to take her". In truth she gets three cups of really high waulity dog food a day. She just runs it all off. She weighs 30 pounds.


So much for now. I'm on my way home. I just keep hoping she will find her way home. But, truthfully, she could have run for miles. And she is terrified of fireworks so we may find her just about anywhere.


So, Keep the Faith. And I will keep looking. Can't do much else. I can't stand to just sit at home. I keep going out to look.

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I do Animal Control for the City of Leawood, where in KC are you? ( pm me if you don't want to post it), if there is anything we can do to help let me know.

Just in case you don't know about finding lost pets in KC.






of course craigslist, lost and found and pet section, also make up flyers and take them to all the animal control agencies and shelters even remotely close.


We had a border collie get loose around Christmas time she was found a month later about 20mi away.


If you need a list of phone #'s for all the animal control agencies in the Kansas City area let me know I can get that to you.


Good Luck! will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Thanks so much. I am in Kansas City North up by Vivion and North Oak. Please just keep your eyes peeled for a 30 pound mostly white border collie - black head and one back leg. Honestly, she could show up anywhere.


I signed up on both registries. Any help is just so appreciated.





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Can I cross post? I'm on a couple of other boards...

Oh, please do.


I just filed with Lost Dog Registry and the other site.


You won't believe this but there was Found Dog Report for a jack russel close to me. There was a Lost poster for that dog at my grocery store yesterday - so I e-mailed them.


I have signs up all over, too.


This is so nerve racking. (I can't spell today - too rattled. But you know what I mean.


I'm on my way home to see if perhaps she is there. I may not be able to get back on a computer until tomorrow but I will check back in at 9:00 AM at the library.


Thanks so much, you guys. You don't know how much this all means to me.



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I can sense the angst and panic in your writing. Wish I could be there to help search. Praying nonstop for her safe return.

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I'm back for just a minute then I have to go walk a dog and save some bumblebees.


I stopped at the grocery store and called the number for the people with the loast Jack Russel. I think it's theirs. She has e-mailed Pet Connect. At least this might all work out for someone else with a lost dog.

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Praying Tommy is back soon. I'm so sorry. I would be a basket case too. I second what others have said about contacting the shelters and vets office. Almost every time I go into the vet they have a dog in the office that someone turned in.


Hugs. :(

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Mary, since Tommy is fit and a runner...be sure to look farther away than you think she might be. I had a 12 year old BCx (not a stock dog) run away from my dad's place...I found her 2 days later 20 km (12 1/2 miles!!) from where she started. I was astounded that she had gone that far! She also ran once from fireworks in an area we were visiting. She found her way back to where we were staying - check around your house - is there a place she can hide?? I know that's a long shot too, but worth checking.


I've cross posted for you. Sending lots more good mojo for you and Tommy to be reunited soon!

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Yay, Tommy is home, it's posted in another thread! :D :D :D :D :D :D

Yes. Tommy is home. All is well again in Mary and Ellie and Tommy world.


She really didn't even want to stay outside yesterday - she was so glad to be home. Now this morning she is pretty much back to self running around the back yard. She is such a joyful dog.

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