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She was in the house and I went to the front door and opened it to let Ellie out. We've done that a thousand times. Ellie always goes first. And then Tommy goes.


She saw a cat across the street and hit the door and just took off. It was 5 this morning. I tried to follow her in the car but I lost her a couple of blocks away. And I haven't seen her since. She is so fast and she is in such good condition tht she could run for miles.


I have put signs up all over the place. And I probably have driven 300 miles today around and around and around.


She didn't have her tags on. So I can only hope someone will find her and call me.


All the neighbors are watching out for her.


But we could sure use good thoughts. All of my friends are praying to ST. Jude and St. Francis and St. Anthony - and I'm not even Catholic.


I am just hoping that tonite when it calms down that she will find her way home.

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I'm sorry. I'll sure pray for her safe return.


I just found a little dog, who wandered up to my farm. I contacted all the local and national rescues, and the local kill shelters. I also looked at all the local feed stores and convenience stores for "lost dog" posters.


I see you've made signs - but make sure you make calls to the rescues and shelters. Oh, and also email the national and regional rescues on the internet.

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I gasped when I saw the title of your post. I hope you find Tommy, or she finds her way home (which she may well do), soonest. Also, call and fax signs to your local veterinarian offices. Keep driving around. When my daughter's dog Tundra was lost, my husband & daughter found her by driving around. She was on a leash with what was probably going to be her new owner.

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I too gasped when I saw the title of this post! Everyone's nightmare scenario. Praying for Tommy's safe and quick return home. I know you won't give up!



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I hope she just heads home when she runs out of steam.


One time, my inlaws were dogsitting while we had an evening out. They put our mutt Max out in their backyard and he found a hole in the fence. A taxi driver found him and ID'd him using his rabies tag. Max pulled up in a cab about the same time we got home.


I dont know how urban you are, but maybe call the cab companies and ask them to watch out. Can't hurt.

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Oh NO! I can come help you look tomorrow...(Tuesday) I wish I had logged in earlier. I could have come helped today. Private message me an intersection where you put your fliers and I'll go look at her picture and start looking tomorrow. I'm so sorry! Tonight is an awful night for her to be alone out there... glad it's not raining.

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I do Animal Control for the City of Leawood, where in KC are you? ( pm me if you don't want to post it), if there is anything we can do to help let me know.

Just in case you don't know about finding lost pets in KC.






of course craigslist, lost and found and pet section, also make up flyers and take them to all the animal control agencies and shelters even remotely close.


We had a border collie get loose around Christmas time she was found a month later about 20mi away.


If you need a list of phone #'s for all the animal control agencies in the Kansas City area let me know I can get that to you.


Good Luck! will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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