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The end of an era for us. Jaax was the Border Collie that got us really started. I can't say too much right now because it's still too new, so just a few pictures.


My favorite one from recent years, this is from last summer.



Jaax and Hope just out checking sheep with me 3 or 4 years ago.



Yesterday morning.



It's been a tough year for me with old dogs.


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I'm so sorry. You'll sure miss him like we miss Fergie.


Maybe Jaax will help Ben teach Fergie about herding on their side of the Rainbow Bridge?

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Jaax was a special dog and one of the reasons I got into working Border Collies.


I was at Laura's with Christie, my wife, about 9 years ago. She was at a clinic with her dog Flann. I was making breakfast when I saw this big rangy white dog go trotting out of the yard, up the ATV path, over the hill.


About ten, fifteen minutes later, over the hill, down the ATV path, into the yard came a huge flock of sheep. Trotting behind was Jaax. No whistles, no commands. Now, "over the hill" there is a field we locals call the "725 Field". It's close to a half mile end to end. So Jaax, in his prime at the time, did a silent gather of over three quarters of a mile.


I saw this and thought to myself, "I want a dog that can do that".


Years later, when Jaax was nearing retirement age, I was working the pens at the trial in Portage. Jaax was in the pen tub, which is normally a bad thing with dogs at trials because they work the sheep in the tub and stress them out. Jaax, turned his back on the sheep and dozed. The sheep knew him and relaxed. Every once in a while sheep would need to be moved into the crowding pen. Jaax would raise his head, look at the sheep as if to say "Don't make me have to get up and come over there". The sheep knew he wasn't kidding and complied.


He was a special dog.



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Oh Laura, I'm so sorry. My heart goes out to you. Jaax was beautiful and it sounds like he had a beautiful spirit too. And here I thought I might actually get through a day without crying... :(



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Sorry its been a tough year for you Laura,

One of my memories of Jaxx was how he could jump over the woven wire fence to fetch sheep in the next pasture, and he was smart to realize that the sheep couldn't go the way he came, so he would drive them down to the where the gates were. Really neat to see a dog that could think on his own and get things done in such a business like manner. There will never be another dog like him.

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I am so sorry to hear about Jaax. There are no other words that can take away the pain of losing a lifelong companion...

RIP Jaax...run free at the Bridge

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Just know there are lots of people thinking about you durning this trying time. Jaax sounded like a truly special dog. You two will meet again.


For what it's worth, tough luck and events they say, comes in 3s. You should see the storm start to clear now.

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When I saw the title for this post all I could think of was shit, no, not Jaax. He sure was a special guy and I will say that both Pearse and Sam described him to a T. I remember many a time seeing him just leap over a fence and just bring those sheep in. He was one of the great ones. We are both so sorry for your loss, Laura.


Kathy and Steve

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