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USBCHA trial sanctioniong form

Guest herbertholmes

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Guest herbertholmes

Hello to all.


The trial approval form. It will have,in the near future, a place to include entry opening date and entry closing date.


By rule, every trial does not need to have an entry date nor a closing date POSTED ON THE USBCHA WEBSITE, but in order to ensure every member gets a fair chance to enter a trial, it is best that you do post an opening date.

It is my strongest suggestion to all trial host that limit the entry to a trial,,, SET AN ENTRY OPENING DATE. Document that in your trial approval form. Then you are covered when people complain to us about not getting into your trial.


As well, it will have a place to include what organizations are sanctioning the trial besides usbcha.


A new website is coming online in about one week. The list of upcoming trials will have a column for entry opening dates. Those will be posted if Francis has them.




Also, please do not ask her to take your request over the phone. An email with answers to the questions needed is simple enough to perform in seeking sanctioning.


And it gives her documentation as to the info trial host provide her.


Hope this helps everyone

Thanks, Herbert

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