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Help find the scum that did this!

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I am glad to hear that Maggie is going home...as for not being able to herd cattle again...I think we can all vouch for the heart that border collies have ... and she may just surprise everyone. If not, I am positive her owners will make sure she leads a good life on the ranch - doing what she can.

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I don't know if this link was posted earlier, but it was before they caught the creep. As seriously hurt as Maggie was, here they say they had her up and walking and when she saw a pick up truck, she was ready to go back to work, bless her heart.


She's got a nobility and probably work ethic about her that the creep who did this will never have.

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Working, before this all happened:









Here are the news items (reverse chronological) pasted from the web site of the Loomis Basin Veterinary Hospital where Maggie was taken. It's really heartening that so many people contributed to her care.




Great news! MAGGIE was able to go home yesterday to continue her recovery with her family. She will be limited to on-leash walks for exercise for at least two months as she continues her rehabilitation but will no doubt be glad to be back home.


All of us at Loomis Basin and Maggie's owner, John Reader of Nevada City, have been incredibly touched by the enormous outpouring of community support for MAGGIE. John and Maggie were sent home with a large envolope full of cards and notes of well wishes from the supporters who contributed funds to help pay for her medical treatment.


Thank you to everyone for your support in helping to care for this incredible dog!



Update on Maggie: REHAB IS GOING WELL


MAGGIE is getting stronger every day. She is now walking with use of her operated leg without support. We are working on stretching her leg to maintain motion as she continues to recover at Loomis Basin.


We are hopeful MAGGIE will be able to return home to her family next week.


Once again, we are grateful for the outpouring of community support and concern for this amazing dog. Thank you!





Thank you to everyone who has generously donated funds to help pay for Maggie's extensive medical treatment here at Loomis Basin. She is continuing to do well and may be staying with us for another week or so at the hospital as she continues to recover.


Thanks to the generous outpouring of widespread community support, we are pleased to share with you that the cost of her medical treatment to date has been fully covered by donations from the public.


We continue to receive calls from caring people wishing to show their support for Maggie. Thankfully the cost of her care and treatment at our hospital have been met, however if you would like to help pets and families that find themselves in similar situations you may consider donating to the Loomis Basin Helping Pets Fund. For more information about our Helping Pets Fund click on the link below. Alternatively, you may wish to consider donating the funds to a local charity of your choice in Maggie's name.


Thank you once again.



Update on Maggie: THANK YOU!


Thank you to everyone who has shown their concern and support for MAGGIE, the cattle herd dog who was hit by a car. She is stable and recovering well. Maggie is receiving lots of TLC from doctors and staff here at Loomis Basin.


Many people have generously donated funds to help pay for Maggie's extensive medical treatment. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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It is nice to see that so many people cared for Maggie and contributed to her care. It would have been simple for her owner to have her put down, and I respect him for not just treating her as an expendable piece of equipment.


Very best wishes to Maggie and her family!

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