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spay and agility

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It depends on what kind of training you are doing. Full courses at full height?


My personal time-frame is no jumping until at least the stitches are out (or would be out if there are none) or longer. I'd suggest asking your vet though.

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And how old is she?


Your vet is your best bet, s/he's the one who knows your dog and did the surgery.


My little dog just got neutered at 3 1/2. My vet thinks he'll be good to go in a week and be back to competition form in two. We have a trial on July 9, but I think I'll just enter him in a couple of classes, mostly non-jumping. No reason to push it.


Spays are obviously a bit more invasive. I'd probably wait about a month before planning to go back to full height jumps & obstacles, but there is a lot of stuff you can do until then.

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Good plan! The hardest part I have an issue with doing surgery this time of the year is not being able to go swimming. My dogs love to swim and it's hot out. Poor Kaiser. :( lol If I had my druthers, I'd prefer to do it in the winter -- but it is what it is.

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