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Do they make fly masks for sheep?

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I have an old wether (more or less a rescue), that gets a summer itch every year. I've known him most of his life, and he gets this itch every summer, mostly on his sides and belly. He kicks his belly raw, and kicks and bites his side till it's raw and bleeding ;-( I've pretty much got a handle on the belly and side, I gave him a dose of dex., bathed him and I keep fly wipe and treat him with antibiotic and antifungal ointment and spray...the problem now is his eye, he rubs and kicks it till it's bloody and raw, he even broke his horn off the other day ;-( probably rubbing on something. His eye is swollen shut now, even though I've put antibiotic ointment and swat on it. I'm wondering if maybe I put a fly mask on him, it would help, or do you think he'd just rub or kick that off as well? Anyone else ever have this kind of problem? I imagine if you did the sheep would be sent down the road pretty quick...but he's more like a pet, so I'd like to help him out...I need to take my horse into the vet for a recheck of his eye (cancer ;-( ) so maybe I'll throw Curly in the trailer too, and let her take a look at him....

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You might want to try a pony or miniature horse size fly mask and see if he'll keep it on. Also, you could get him a fly sheet with a belly band in either a pony or mini size. Just measure him like you do your horse.


I, too, have my pet sheep (more than 1), so understand completely.


Best of luck!

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Well I wasn't going to use the fly mask for flies really, more to see if I could keep him from rubbing his eye on any piece of fence or tree or anything else...I did treat him with some Dex. and that seemed to help somewhat, but the eye is looking pretty bad. Other than that he seems fine, he eats fine (steals grain from Hudson) is a general pest ;-) I think I'll see if I can find a mini or pony mask, maybe that will help.

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