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What a good boy!!!

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Just a quick brag about what a good smart and brave boy Sam is!!!!!

Yesterday while I was at work he kept bugging my mum for about 10 min he kept pawing at her, licking her and generally nagging her for attention, she eventually got annoyed and thought it was because he wanted out, so she put him out side where he then frantically barked!!! As she was coming up stairs she heard the smoke detectors going off and saw a fire on top of the stove!!!!!!! Some how a burner on the stove had gotten knocked on and there was a couple of those reusable shopping bags left on it!! They caught fire! Fortunately it was caught in time!!!! and there was no real damage and no one got hurt but if sam hadn't been nagging her she'd of been in another part of the house and likely not of heard or noticed anything until it was far too late!!!


In my opinion Sam probably saved her life and the house from a potentially disastrous fire!!! What an amazing brave boy!!!! My little hero!!!

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No steak but some Chicken instead as that's his fav! So impressed by his behavior, he persisted in getting Mum's attention even after being told to go lie down... which normally he does what he's told and will go to his crate.... but he kept pawing and licking at her to tell her something bad was happening!! Thank goodness he did... I shudder to think of what would of been the out come otherwise..... It really was very close call!!

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