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Product to get rid of outdoor urine smell?

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What product would everyone suggest for getting rid of the urine smell in our back yard? It's not too bad but yards around here are small and I really want to be a good neighbor. Some specifics: Grass is somewhat of a luxury here in the desert so our yard is crushed granite over hard pack. Unfortunately, drainage is also a problem as bedrock starts about 1.5 feet down. They needed jackhammers to build the pool next door. Any type of spray on enzyme that won't be too dear?



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Cheap lemon dish soap with a bit of vinegar added works wonders. Use a hose end mixer and rinse down the area.


Dish soap is not good for the environment unless you are using the eco friendly brands.

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White vinegar. As Julie said, it counteracts the ammonia in the urine.


I do know some folks who have tried to use cider vinegar - it stains. And it's also usually more expensive. You can buy white vinegar by the gallon.

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