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my BC is 9 years old an all of a sudden he quits in the middle of training. i do not put to much pressure on him. he just stop and runs to the gate wanting to get out. this is a mystery to me. My other BC is fine and no problem with him. what do you think???????????????????????????



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Bill of Virginia

You don't think you put too much pressure on your dog. But plainly your dog thinks you do. Maybe it's time to reassess your ideas of pressure and sync them up with his. Maybe he is off--tick bourne disease, some other health issue bothering him? I would check all that. Nine years old can be a time for problems to show up.

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going to take 9 year old BC to vet tomorrow for evaluation. found two reasons for turning off. one is it has been very hot lately and i believe this is one reason. when the weather is cooler he is back to his old self. two he is very afraid of thunder and i have noticed that he hears it a lot quicker than i do.


i have a question on another BC. i will start a new topic shortly.


thanks for your help.

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