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Lex belongs to a friend of mine and he's been missing for over 2 days now. He was last seen 7:30 a.m. 6/7/11 near County Road 150 in Carroll County, MS, Reward, 662-237-9650. They were out walking a pack of dogs (on her property) and he took off after a deer. He for some reason would not call off. He is a trained dog, running in open. His owner can be reached at either the number above or at these email addys - pizzaprincess@mac.com pizzaprincess@me.com


Hope some board Mojo will bring him home. He's a really nice boy with a wonderful owner.

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Nothing still. 2 animal communicators, flyers all over, vets w/i 50 miles notified, police have flyers, garbage pick up also, mail carriers, game and wildlife officers too. Crate placed where he took off all able bodies out on foot or 4 wheeler.....info placed on various pet detective sites.

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Oh, so sad. I hope Lex finds his way home. Scary, for both parties.


I once lost (well my friend lost) Seek, it was so traumatizing. I even put a bear bell on her and my friend still managed to lose her! Got chased off by a overzealous Black Lab. 5 people searching and 3 long hours later she was found walking down a sidewalk on the busy street next to the hiking trails. She cuddled in my arms for a long long time, she just wanted me to hold her and tell her it was okay.


Mojo sent to Lex and his owner for a safe return, and very soon!

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Yes, she will go to the Ripley sale (first Monday) as it's a monthly sale barn.


We're also looking at all areas between her place and the farm he originally came from.


Not giving up, they still are out daily, but time is not on his side at this point.

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