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I now have a second dog!

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Cerb now has a brother. Same color and coat, but quieter....much quieter. Over the last couple of months I've been saving hair I've removed when brushing him and there now must be enough to build a new dog. I never thought a short coat dog could shed so much! He sheds at roughly 5X the rate of the two long hair fosters we previously had.


Question: Is there a way to get him to blow his undercoat in one go? This constant hair cloud (think: Pigpen in the old Peanuts cartoon) has got to go, and no amount of Furmination and brushing seems to reduce the shed.



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I wish I had the answer. Every time I think my Lab/Shepherd has finally blown the last, he dumps another layer. He's had no fewer than 10 Furminator sessions since the end of April. He got a bath last Monday and lost a couple more pounds of hair -- then went to the vet three days later and left a dog on the floor there, too. If I sit and go through his coat I can see he still has more to lose. It is a never ending battle. At this rate I feel I'll be lucky if he finishes blowing this coat before it's time to start shedding his summer coat!


Secret barely sheds at all. It's nice to have one dog in the house that doesn't blow, I guess!

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I don't have any suggestions to reduce shedding but I got a Roomba vacuum for Christmas and it has helped with my fur problem. It is basically a Dustbuster on wheels but it does a good job on my tile floor. My kitchen is pretty big and once a week or so I turn it loose and let it run until it runs out of power. I got mine at Sam's Club (~$99) and it came with lots of extras that are expensive to purchase such as an extra filter, brushes, etc. It also came with a sensor that sends out a signal so you can keep it out of a different room. I use that as well as chairs to keep it confined in the kitchen. I have let it it clean my den carpet before and it goes under the furniture and cleans before it pops back out to continue the rest of the room----I just think my Hoover Windtunnel does a better job on carpets. The Roomba has a small dust bin and I empty it every time I use it and pull off any fur that has gotten wrapped around the wheels.


It's not designed for heavy-duty use, but for scooting around my kitchen floor picking up dog and cat hair, I have been pleased.

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I've been yammering on and on about how June blew her undercoat when I had her spayed and that it hadn't come back... that is until this year. My smooth coated dogs blow way more than my rough coated one does. I bought a bamboo brand undercoat rake and I've been hitting them all with it about every 2-3 days for the last couple of weeks and the hair just keeps coming. It is EVERYWHERE. Gack.


So... no help here.

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