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New pup now we are settled in new home.

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Its been a while since I have posted anything one here, as we have been getting settled into our new home in London, Ontario. Very busy at work with new promotion etc.


We have now added to our family, with getting a lovely BC bitch puppy called Tilly. We have had her a month and is now 12 weeks old. She is an absolute delight to be with. Clyde has taken to her so well. It was perfect time to get her as Clyde is now 3 1/2.


She is ABCA registered, and eventually I would like to trial her if she has the drive for it. I am a beginner at working the dogs around sheep, so would like to ask everyone's opinion on when is the best age to introduce a pup to sheep to see what instincts she may have.


Here is a picture of Clyde and Tilly together.

post-11830-056085600 1307308929_thumb.jpg

post-11830-054755100 1307308943_thumb.jpg

post-11830-031971900 1307308967_thumb.jpg

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She's a real cutie! IMHO, you can try introducing her to sheep any time now, just so far as an instinct test. I don't look for a dog to be ready for the pressure of stockdog training until 10-12 months, but it's not unusual for pups to "turn on" and show interest at a much younger age.


However, I believe it takes someone who knows how to test a pup, and who has good puppy sheep, to make sure it's a safe and positive experience, so ask around for the best place to take her.


Have fun and enjoy that adorable little furball. :)


~ Gloria

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Tilly is really cute! What a sweet face :)


Is Clyde from Karen Childs lines? Love the face and markings :wub:

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Mary Thompson? You are both are in good hands! Say "hi!" to her for me (even though she won't have a clue who I am - she's seen my face but I doubt she knows my name).

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