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Suzy's send off

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This is Darren. He drove down from Saskatchewan just to pick up Suzy.



This is Suzy. Her life is still under the cloud of Cancer, but Darren and Kim are going to get her straight on treatment and however long she has to live, she will spend her days among 10 other dogs (and two horses and 8 sheep) on 10 acres.



The usual crowd of dogs around people.






Finley, who felt that the safest place was under the table.



The light faded fast, but here's some of the people.



Suzy again.



... and just as the light failed completely and we were going home, Suzy and Taff had one last flirt.


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We knew that it needed an exceptional family to adopt Suzy; sweet as she is. Well, they stood up and made their claim loud and clear. These are people who have adopted their fourth dog from us -- and that despite living close to 2000 miles away. Suzy has gone to the best possible home; all of us who gathered together to send her off feel a bond to her and know that her remaining life will be full of happiness and love.

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Knowing that these wonderful folks drove almost 2,000 miles to adopt a dog with cancer makes my heart sing. It makes a good contrast to the monstrous people who created the Jefferson puppy mill and continued for so long to abuse the dogs there. Indeed, there should be a special place in the happy sheep grounds in the sky for people like Darren and his wife. Blessings to them and to sweet Suzy, may she live long and have fun. :)

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Suzy has settled in very nicely. She is busy playing with the other dogs, counter-surfing a bit, and trying to find out how to get on the table for a better look out the window!!!! She is becming good friends with their 4 year old son Brayden. He is a very caring little boy, and tells people that Suzy came to live with them so they can help Suzy feel better. Her curly coat certainly brings lots of comments.


Her cancer medication should be here in the next few days. Several of them are the same that we have used successfully before. If anyone is interested in the protocol she is being put on, email me privately.

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