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Although I thought some of the situations were a bit stretched WRT reality (e.g., putting the dog in to breed the bitch when the pups had just been taken off her and sold), I enjoyed the book. I think you need to read it in the spirit intended and not with any sort of expectation of hewing to factual information. I would recommend it for folks who like dog books in general.



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This book was a fairly short read for me. I simply read it every chance I had. It made me laugh and cry (just a little), and kept me hooked to the very end. I'd recommmend it to anyone that's a dog person for sure.


(I'm not the best at writting a review) :rolleyes:


I skimmed through this book in Barnes and Noble (fast reader) and confess to dashing to the Ladies for a good cry at the end - no spoilers here, (and it is fiction) but I thought it was quite well crafted and a nice turn on the usual "dog plot". When you look into your heart's dog's eyes, you understand where the author is coming from.

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