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We had to call the vet to the house. Holly couldn't even make the trip to the vet. Thunder storms roaring outside, and she just laid where she was. She was a rescue that had no place to go but here. She was so loving in her way. She lived in her own world, but came to visit ours. Holly started life who knows how, or why her owners gave her up, but she finished here with love and understanding of her quirkiness. I believe she was happy here, and felt love. I believe that is what helped turn her from a snapping, biting, unpredictable dog, into one I would trust with toddlers. She was not the sharpest tool in the shed but she brought joy and laughter to our lives. Her poor little mind is finally at rest. Her cancer and arthritis pain is gone. And she can finally become the dog she always wanted so desperately to be. You did good Holly girl, say hey to Cheyenne, and wait for me.

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I'm so sorry to hear about Holly. I remember you taking Holly in and all the love and care you gave her. Others might have given up on her, but you didn't. I am sorry she is gone, but she lived her final years knowing love.

Rest easy sweet Holly.

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Thank you all so much for your thoughts and words of kindness. I am still trying to come to terms with Holly's passing. It was just so sudden. I do want to thank Kris, Nancy, and the others who helped with her when I first brought her home and she was so in need of vet care. I told her story (the biting and unpredictable behavior)and some said to put her down, some said try this and that. In the end, she helped me make the decision. She walked over to me and laid her head on my leg, and looked at me as if to say, I'll try if you will. After that, she always came over and laid her head on my leg when she wanted some petting. She wouldn't play with toys. Never learned to sit or lay down with out physical "help". She did great on a lead though. And she learned not to go out the front door or gate in the yard. And she made me laugh. When the other dogs would get excited about something, she would too, and then look around as if wondering, so what was that about? Sometimes she would stare at the freezer and we would always tell her, no, Holly, that is not the mother ship. I think she laughed at that. She stuck with me, what ever I was doing. If I went to bed she went to bed. If I went outside, she stayed out till I got done with what I was doing. Loyal as the day is long. Some may say I probly should have put her down in the beginning, but I don't regret a day I had her. She might not have been capable of learning a lot. But she did get to learn what it meant to belong. To be a part of a pack and what it felt to be loved and wanted. No, I don't regret the time I had with her. She made my heart bigger and my memories longer. And she will have someone to wait for.

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Your tribute to Holly and the challenges and rewards she provided is very touching. This part sums up perfectly what I feel about Ody, and I just want to thank you for putting it into words.


She might not have been capable of learning a lot. But she did get to learn what it meant to belong. To be a part of a pack and what it felt to be loved and wanted.

Holly was fortunate to have found all these things with you, and I hope your memories are providing comfort now.

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Sounds like you gave Holly a good life. It's hard to take in a dog with problems even for a short time, but to make the decision to keep her-you're just an angel. I smiled at the freezer being the mother ship. :) Hugs to you, Holly and Bear are probably playing together.


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I lost a treasured friend today,

The little dog who used to lay

Her gentle head upon my knee

And share her silent thoughts with me...


She'll come no longer to my call,

Retrieve no more her favorite ball;

A voice far greater than my own

Has called her to His golden throne.


Although my eyes are filled with tears,

I thank Him for the happy years

He let her spend down here with me

And for her love and loyalty.


When it is time for me to go

And join her there, this much I know...

I shall not fear the transient dark

For she will greet me with her bark.


~ Author Unknown


Vaya con Dios, Holly.

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