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Little drummer girl

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I know there are loads of you here who could do this way better than me but :) not an expert at the clicker yet


But can I ask you all a big favour


Its for the Slvia Trkmans competition

I have made this little video of my dogs latest trick

Please can you just click like :) the most likes wins one of her training videos


Thankyou in advance

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not only do you need to go to You Tube to watch it to be able to like it... I believe you should be logged in to You Tube to like it or it doesn't do anything or tally them.

Cute ideas.

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Thank you guys

Yes sorry I didnt realise the link would post the video - I believe if you wait till the end then you can click on it to go to you tube - and yes you have to be signed in to like it


Thank you all so much tho I really appreciate it

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