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Maya and I went to a trial a couple weekends ago it was her second trial and her first experience with a standard and weavers runs. Out of 8 runs entered we Q's 5 of them, and the three we didn't Q were totally my fault with horrible handling or forgetting the course (and believe me Maya gives me an earful when we flub up on the course).


This is probably my favorite run of the day, we haven't worked on Tunnel/dog walk discriminations at all, and after her tunnel sucking on a different run I was talking to some people about what to do, and they were talking about doing a fake front cross in front of the discrimination to pull the dog away from the tunnel, I forget the actual term for it. But it worked like a Charm...


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That was lovely, congratulations!


The "fake front cross" is called an RFP -- Or "reverse flow pivot." That's the handling maneuver I use for such discriminations (which we tend to see more of in NADAC than in any other venue!).


The nice thing about RFPs is that they tend to be very natural to the dog and require very little actual training. They tend to be a much more difficult concept for the handler to grasp. I can't tell you how many students have argued with me about them because they struggle so badly with the mechanics -- They want to know why they can't just get by with their vague shoulder-pull that sometimes works with their (slow) dog. I think it's just a good tool to have in your tool box and it can get you out of some tricky spots.


So keep working on your footwork and don't bend over to beg your dog. :P I'm sure you'll have plenty of use for the RFP in the future if you continue with NADAC. Great distance for a Novice team, by the way!

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Great run Carlasl.


Some years ago the RFP became an evil handling skill as many thought it slowed the dog down. In today's world, placements are being determined by the 1/100th of a second so I suppose a bad RFP could cost you a placement position. Years ago, I was showing a friend of mine's bc at a trial because they were sick. I was walking the course with a former World Team Member and a multiple National finalist placer. We came to the classic U shaped tunnel discrimination and were talking "options". I brought up that I was going to use the RFP and was shot down by both of them. "my" dog hit the correct tunnel entrance, theirs did not. Yeah, I suppose maybe the RFP cost us a few 100ths of a second but it was worth it in my eyes.


I like the RFP as a handling skill, I think everyone should learn how to do them and do them effectively (like all handling skills) and I will use the RFP when needed. I don't think it is the answer to every "problem" but then again, is anything?

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