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  • 3 weeks later...

He is super cool looking!!


I just picked up 4 Ameraucana pullets today - I sure hope I picked all hens. The farmer hadn't sexed any of the 48 pullets, so I caught the 4 that had the least amount of "comb" and hoping for the best! I am super digging their ear muffs :)



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They ARE hard to tell apart! The internetz told me that Ameraucanas have peacombs, and by 13 weeks for sure the roos should have bumpy dark combs and the hens will have smooth pale ones. So I picked 4 smooth pale ones and crossed my fingers!


Of course they all escaped the coop while I was at class, and TWooie found them hiding under a wheelbarrow when we got home. I put them all back, so hopefully they are still there in the morning!



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