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doggie life jackets

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YES...doggie life jackets...I am getting to the point in my dogs rehab where he can start swimming...i am thrilled to almost have the clear to start building up his stamina again and getting him back in shape and swimming is an excellent way to do this :)


With my other dogs it's not a problem...they will happily fetch a bumper at long distances in the water for hours!!! This dog...however...will not fetch...


My friend lives on the lke and we have a canoe...so I am thinking of just swimming alongside of the canoe..gradually building up duration...I of course, don't feel comfortable taking him out in deeper water without a life jacket...I've never bought a life jacket for a dog...so would just like some recommendations??


Are the more expensive ones really better?? I am looking for a good fit, plus comfort primarily...don't want him getting sore or not using his body right during swimming because of a cheaper ill fitting life jacket...

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I have one for Bess we used when we took a canoe trip... favorite feature... the handle on the back, so I could dump her in to get her cooled off and haul her back out without having to stop or pull over to the shore. It is simple construction... just strong, wide velcro on the chest. Not too constricting. Got it at petsmart. You need to take your dog to find the right fit.

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My girls have the Ruffwear life jackets. They work great! In fact North wouldn't even swim until I put the life jacket on her, then all of a sudden she's a pro :blink:


These are the ones we use, I think they are around $50.



They have heavier duty ones, but they are a lot more expensive.



You just need to make sure that the life vest doesn't rub behind the armpits. Make sure there is plenty of room.




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For casual use the Outward Hound ones from Petsmart seem to do decently - we have one I used initially in Kestrel's dock diving training and am now using it with our puppy. It's starting to fray but it's gotten a lot of use lol and it was only about $25.

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