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Posting for a friend:


NORTH needs a home of her own. She is up for adoption and a very awesome pup.


NORTH is 2 years old.


NORTH loves to snuggle. She will shove her muzzle into you when cuddling or wanting affection. Affection is her highest reward, and she loves it more than food. She will work for affection.


NORTH is a busy busy girl. She has been to agility a few times and shows good promise of being a good agility partner. She loves to work and has a great off switch in the house and car. She is crate trained as well.


NORTH loves to be in a pack setting. However she has resource guarding issues. She will guard furniture, people, food, kennels, toys, car, etc. She has had lots of patience and work on this matter and is getting better everyday. She can now share the car appropriately. Her RG consists of growling. She has gone after my puppy twice with a few nips. She needs a home who can continue to work on this and who can redirect her energy to positive things. Because she is sensitive she will need someone who can use positive training methods.


NORTH doesn't bark, she yips and yaps. She loves to talk when playing with toys or playing in water. She loves water and will play with the hose or in kiddie pools or at a lake or river or anywhere.


NORTH shows good herding potential, but prefers her "come by" side. She will need work on her "away" side. She has been to sheep camp :) She waits very patiently for her turn in both herding and agility. She would be great at trials.


NORTH is a very petite girl weighing 32 pounds. She is about 17-18" tall. Her fur is real thick like a bear. She had tons of mattes, blown out fur, bad teeth and underweight when she first arrived. Now she has shiny fur, clean white teeth, mattes are slowly being brushed away and she is now learning to eat out of a bowl and that she can have access to fresh water whenever she wants.


NORTHs eyes are amber and bright. Really pretty eyes on a black/white pup. She is a thinker. She looks and watches for commands.


NORTH loves to give hugs! She will stand up and wrap her paws around your waist to tell you how much she loves you. She is a complete lover!


NORTH is learning to play with toys, and that bringing them back after a toss is very rewarding. She will run after a toy, but let's the other dogs bring it back. She is a fast dog!


NORTH needs someone who is very patient and will work on her time. She is a very sensitive dog. When she first arrived she was terrified of the floors (wood/tile). After awhile she learned that going through the kitchen (on tile floors) to the back to pee wasn't so scary after all. She was a wall hugger for a bit, and that's how she would walk from room to room. Now she has confidence and walks through the house and even into the kitchen. She was afraid of her collar being held as she thought she was in trouble. She is learning that having her collar grabbed is a good thing.


NORTH is excellent off-leash. Her recall is impeccable, she will come when called once. She thrives in the woods and loves hiking through trails. She never gets far and always checks in.


If you're interested in NORTH, email Wihopa at wihopawin(at)gmail.com


Sorry I don't have pics, but Wihopa does.

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Wihopa sent me some pics. They are from a cellphone, so the quality doesn't do this pretty gal justice.



Pretty lady eyes



Love this one, smiling in the sun!



Big ears!






Getting her toy



Big ears goes hiking :)


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