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Giardia and Coccidia

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We got Gibbs' was diagnosied last week with a stool sample, then Shonie started with diarrhea a couple days ago. I took a stool sample of hers in yesterday and just got the message from the vet. I'll talk to him tomorrow.


Gibbs has been taking metronidazole and fenbenedazole since Saturday. I looked up coccidia and all of what I saw was about puppies. Does anyone have any experience/wisdom to share about coccidia in older dogs?


Shonie's always been one to snack on her walks, and we're stopping that. Poor old girl, I wonder if her weight loss could have been the coccidia? Her appetite remains very good!


Our yard is basically dirt. Is there any controlling agent I can use out there?


I'll pick up meds for her tomorrow. Sigh. We made it 8 months without a vet visit. That's a record for us over the last 4 years.







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